Leadership Development

“Working with horses was very effective as I found you get genuine responses and begin to understand how you actually come across without any misconceptions”

Roy Evans, Unipart Rail

Bringing the horses in was fascinating, I hadn't ever thought of horses having such a rich personality and being able to use them as a mirror for my own behaviour - that part was fascinating and really revealing. Highly recommended, unlike anything I've done before.

Ian Duffield, PMP


Fundamentally we learnt how to work as part of our new team with trust and respect

Lynsey Dawson – IBP Finance, XTRAC

An excellent training course in team building, very well structured and friendly approach.

Rob Beck – IBP Orchestrator, XTRAC

“As a team we were thrilled about the progress we made on the day and laughed about how we over engineered the obstacle course!! We have the makings of a powerful team. I was buzzing when I got home and told my husband and daughter about the day and they both commented on how they hadn’t seen me that enthused for a while”

Jane Gilham – Head of Function H.R., XTRAC