DMi work in conjunction with its sister company, Horses4Change, to deliver a truly unique range of Equine Assisted Activities for Business Leadership, Team Building and Personal Development.These innovative Workshops offer clients an experiential, transformational and ‘fun’ experience.  A combination of activities with the horses and coaching techniques will challenge you, but will also help create a deeper awareness and learning, developing skills that are transferable into business and life.

H4C also offer Personal Development sessions with our herd of horses and our coaches.  We run and host a range of well-being workshops and retreats throughout the year.  Our Personal Development sessions are tailored to you, your group or your organisation.  The horses bring a uniquely insightful, therapeutic and enjoyable experience to you in our peaceful and beautiful setting here at Lower Hall, South Cheshire.

One of our aims at H4C is to promote the value of horses for learning and development as well for their powerful therapeutic qualities.  Also, to promote a more thoughtful approach to horsemanship and horse ownership.

H4C Leadership Development

H4C Leadership Development

This leading edge, innovative Leadership Development Workshop links vision to execution and has been designed to help organisations and individuals develop their leadership skills and help them manage change.  The workshop provides individuals with classroom learning provided by our thought provoking Change Management Specialist, Dave Manning, who has specialised in Integrated Business Leadership, continuous improvement and transformation for more than thirty years.

This is followed by a combination of practical exercises with the horses and our coaches, Casey McDougall and Jane Campbell-Manning who will help facilitate the learning along with our equine colleagues. The process will build secured based leadership and is centred around the development of the clients self-awareness,’emotional intelligence and the ability to communicate and interact effectively on a deeper level  Skills that really great leaders possess.

Leadership and communication  skills will be challenged as will your ability to lead through ever changing situations. This workshop is designed to help you develop the theory, but also the confidence and human skills necessary to lead in a more enlightened and more thoughtful, creative and authentic way.

H4C Team Building

H4C Team Building


This innovative Team Building Workshop helps teams to understand how their behaviours and communication skills can effect and influence others. Working with our equine colleagues and coaches you will be challenged to look at yourself, the way you communicate and how this affects your ability to build relationships.

As a herd animal the horse is ideally placed to help show us the need for and the value of successful relationships and team work.  They will show you what team work is really based upon.

This workshop will help you gain insight into yourself and the human skills you need to develop in order to function as part of a cohesive and effective team.

These workshops are held in a different and unique setting and are Fun!

Team Fun Days

We also offer Team Fun Days – days that include ‘games’ with the horses to tie in  with a team approach and include practical exercises that will encourage a team spirit and growth within the team.

The pool and tennis courts are also included in the day – weather permitting.

The days ‘can’ also include a range of ‘non horse’ related activities.

Contact us to chat through what we can do for you and your team.

H4C Personal Development

H4C Personal Development

Personal Development, Therapeutic Sessions and Workshops

with our Horses that can be tailored to:

You, Your Group, Your Organisation

Enrichment and Personal Growth.     
Practical Activities with our horses are ground based (non-riding). We do activities such as: learning to handle and look after our four legged friends, leading, grooming, mucking-out plus other horse-care skills can be undertaken.  These activities help us learn not only about the importance of taking care of another living creature but we also learn more about ourselves in the process.

Ground skills and activities in the arena, round pen and paddock are also offered for personal growth and development. Learn Natural Horsemanship techniques and develop your communication skills and experience a whole new way of being and interacting with the help of the horses.

All our activities are fun but also have real Therapeutic value as well as helping us develop:

  • Our confidence & self esteem
  • Our ability to manage our anxiety
  • Our ability to manage our emotions
  • Our ability to trust
  • Our ability to set boundaries
  • Our communication skills
  • Our focus
  • Our ability to listen & respond not react
  • Our ability to take responsibility
  • Our ability to make connections and build relationships
  • Our problem-solving skills
  • Our leadership skills, and more…
Mindfulness Session

Mindfulness Session

Mindfulness Sessions with the Herd 

Mindfulness Retreat Days with the Herd  (incl. lunch)

Give yourself time to de-stress and get away from the pressures of every day life. The horses have a calming and relaxing effect on us and will help bring you into the moment, increasing your self-awareness and mental clarity. Combine the horses, who are masters at being in the here and now and Mindfulness techniques and feel real therapeutic benefits for your mental and physical well-being.

For our retreats and workshops we have both a swimming pool and tennis court for added fun and relaxation and a fire pit for evening R&R.  Enjoy these unique experiences in the beautiful surroundings here at Lower Hall.

Why horses?

H4C - Why horses?

Horses are prey animals, reactive, herd social and sentient. They live in the moment, acutely aware of non verbal communication, body language, posture, facial expressions and particularly energy. This is what makes them great teachers for us.

They are attuned to any in-congruence between thoughts, feelings, actions and intent, or lack of it. They read every non verbal signal we send out and their reactions are immediate and honest. They reflect the person behind the persona and how effective our communication really is.

Horses can help us become more aware of ourselves, our thoughts, feelings and emotions that subsequently help to drive our behaviours. They are a powerful learning tool for development and change.

What some delegates say

Highly recommended, unlike anything I've done before.

Ian Duffield PMP (Leadership Development)

"Be open with the team and yourself and you will take something from these amazing people and horses".

Mike McCreesh Coveris (Leadership Development)

It's a way to look at yourself from an absolutely different perspective.

Patrycia Stas CEGB Pepsico (Leadership Development)

I learnt to be much more aware of myself and how I choose to lead a team through change or manage a situation.

Unipart Rail
Roy Evans Unipart Rail (Leadership Development)

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