DM Integration / FREE Webinar: Firefighting and Kahlers Drivers
1:30 pm 1:30 pm

FREE Webinar: Firefighting and Kahlers Drivers

25th February 2021 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
Online Webinar
Online Webinar
Dave Manning
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Firefighting & Kahler’s Drivers


– Multiple sets of numbers
– Multiple spreadsheets
– ERP system(s) ‘don’t work’
– Multiple ways of working
– Lack of clear roles & responsibilities
– Confusion over objectives
– Defensive functional behaviour
– Blame culture
– Rumours around the corridor
– Ad-hoc communication
– Short-term focus
– ‘Individual’ rather ‘team’ culture
– Heroes are favourites
Do you recognise any of these issues and behaviours in your company?

This Webinar will talk about how DMi can address these issues through the development of a people based IBP, Transformation and Change Management programme and include ‘know what drives you, your team and colleagues’.

What the Organisation will gain

Companies that improve their Demand Planning process typically reduce inventory in excess of 30% and dramatically improve their true customer service levels based upon ‘on time in full’ and perfect orders, at a reduced cost to serve. This increased sales revenue, growth and margin and creates much greater collaboration and customer focus and satisfaction. Joint business process and CPFR process will continue to develop and improve.

What the delegate will learn

All the delegates will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of best practice concepts that sit behind demand Management, Planning and Forecasting. They will be able to apply these concepts to the company’s demand management process and help to deliver significantly improved demand planning and customer service.

Demand Management Process

The key to Demand Planning is the recognition that it must be a multiple input, assumption based and none biased process. The Course will show how starting with a statistical based projection, effective promotional planning which is overlaid with commercial intelligence on new products, new customers, marketing/promotional activities, macro and marketing conditions and competitor activity with explicit assumptions will result in a much greater quality demand plan/sales forecast.

If this is then fully integrated with the sales planning process and sales force effectiveness then the ‘consensus’ forecast can be integrated with financial planning, gap closure and growth actions.

Performance Measures

The impact of how performance measures (KPIs) have on behaviour will be fully explained. The question will be posed of what behaviour do you want, not what KPIs should we have. This is based upon the fact that people will behave based on how they are measured/rewarded not the other way around.

Dave Manning - DM Integration

Webinar Presenters

Dave Manning: DMi Director

A prime mover in getting a division of Rolls Royce to Class “A” in the 1980’s, he has huge experience as an inspirational educator to many companies across many continents in how to bring change through implementing Integrated Business Leadership. Recently he has spent 18 years in Oliver Wight, 5 year with The Delos Partnership and now, his own company, DM Integration Limited.

Casey McDougall

Casey McDougall: H4C

Casey McDougal: H4C Head Coach

Casey is EAGALA qualified (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) and has been involved in working with people with physical and mental health needs through the use of equine assisted activities. Promoting leadership skills and building confidence through these means have also been her passion.