DM Integration / DMi / CILT Webinar (1 – 2pm)
DMi CILT Webinar
2:29 pm 2:29 pm

DMi / CILT Webinar (1 – 2pm)

5th November 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Dave Manning

DMi Introduction Seminar

Leadership commitment for any significant change such as ERP implementation, Supply Chain Transformation, S&OP or IBP Development and Lean/Six Sigma programmes has been long recognised as a critical success factor.

This is not surprising because in any of these initiatives the key change is not process or systems: it is behaviour and culture. Without demonstrated leadership commitment behaviour change simply won’t happen.

However what makes great leadership? Are they born? Or can anybody who ‘wants to’ become an effective leader not a manager or a ‘boss’? Most companies don’t help managers learn to be managers let alone leaders. People are often promoted because of their technical or functional expertise not because the understand how to lead a company, a function, a team or even themselves!

Join this webinar to learn how the development of distributed leadership which Dave Manning refers to as ‘secure based leadership’ is an essential element of developing an integrated supply chain environment.

The webinar is hosted by Peter Karran FCILT, who chairs the Operations Management Sector Dave Manning is a leading expert in creating Business Excellence. He is the author of the OM article that appear each month in Focus magazine. Dave leads the Manufacturing Excellence forum.

Dave Manning - DM Integration

Dave Manning – DM Integration

Webinar Panelist

Dave Manning: DMi Director

A prime mover in getting a division of Rolls Royce to Class “A” in the 1980’s, he has huge experience as an inspirational educator to many companies across many continents in how to bring change through implementing Integrated Business Leadership. Recently he has spent 18 years in Oliver Wight, 5 year with The Delos Partnership and now, his own company, DM Integration Limited.