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DMi's IBP 5 Star Assessment

5 Star IBP Assessment Booklet

To assess the maturity level and road map to excellence (5 Star) of a companies Integrated Business Planning process as part of a full integrated business excellence mode that ensure alignment of all planning and execution processes from strategic to tactical and across the end to end supply chain.

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LEAN Bake-off Booklet

The Great LEAN ‘Bake Off’ Booklet

The purpose of this booklet is to kill once and for all the very non-constructive debate about whether companies should adopt a strategy of Lean/Six Sigma, Supply Chain Optimization or as is currently the ‘vogue’ Demand Driven MRP.

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The Maturity Matrix & Benchmarking

Unlike the 1999 science fiction film this collection is not fiction and is intended to be a tool kit for companies to be able to benchmark themselves and establish their Integrated Business management, Supply Chain and Leadership Maturity.

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Implementation of Business Excellence

Implementation of Business Excellence

This booklet describes a proven road map for a successful implementation of a change programme to make your organisation more competitive!

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S&OP / IBP On-line DMi Appraisal Tool

Comparing yourself against the best has always been the best way to drive improvement and achieve world-class performance.

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The Seven Expectations Model

It is increasingly clear that the behaviour traits of great organisations who achieve great results and have developed ‘secure based leadership’ throughout the organisation are a significant factor in their success.

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IBP Maturity Matters Reference

IBP Maturity Matters Reference

  • “9 out of 10 companies don’t deliver their strategy”
  • “64% of strategic decisions are taken outside of the annual process”
  • “85% of Executives spend less than 1 hour per week on strategic issues”
  • “Only 11% of Executives believe that planning is worth the effort”

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DMi's IBP Maturity Matrix

IBP Maturity Matrix

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