DM Integration / Webinar Videos – LEADERSHIP through INTEGRATION

DMi: Change Management

A recording of the March 2021 Webinar: Wellbeing at Work

Change management has always been at the heart of any improvement or transformation initiative but is often not give the required focus.

This Webinar will discuss the principals of Change Management based upon a technique known as ‘Leadership in Action’. It will also introduce the recently created DMi on-line Modular Change Management Workshops.

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DMi & H4C Wellbeing at Work Webinar

A recording of the March 2021 Webinar: Wellbeing at Work

It has been said that people are one of the most important business assets. We contest that view and believe that people are the only business asset. People are at the heart of a business and if you take them out or not ‘look after’ them then what is left is nothing.

This Webinar will talk about peoples wellbeing and work life balance which is much more than ‘doing less work with less time pressure’. The Webinar will discuss how the wellbeing of your people is fundamental to sustained business success.

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DMi & H4C Webinar: Firefighting and Kahler’s Drivers

A recording of February 2021 Webinar: Firefighting and Kahlers Drivers


  • Multiple sets of numbers
  • Multiple spreadsheets
  • ERP system(s) ‘don’t work’
  • Multiple ways of working
  • Lack of clear roles & responsibilities
  • Confusion over objectives
  • Defensive functional behaviour
  • Blame culture
  • Rumours around the corridor
  • Ad-hoc communication
  • Short-term focus
  • ‘Individual’ rather ‘team’ culture
  • Heroes are favourites

Do you recognise any of these issues and behaviours in your company?

This Webinar will talk about how DMi can address these issues through the development of a people based IBP, Transformation and Change Management programme and include ‘know what drives you, your team and colleagues’.”

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DMi Webinar: People and behaviour are the key to extracting value from Integrated Business Planning

A recording of October’s 2020 Webinar: People and Behaviour are the Key to Extracting Value from Integrated Business Planning

“The IBP process has evolved since its inception back in the early 80s when it was referred to as S&OP. The latest thinking includes Strategic Execution, Scenario Planning and People Development. However what has always been true is that the key to extracting the value of IBP is to embrace IBP as the primary business management process that focuses on gap(+/-) closing decisions. Senior peoples’ understanding and commitment to the IBP process and a set of KPIs that drive the desired behaviour along with critical success factors – CSF’s that integrate IBP with Strategic Execution are the keys to IBP value.”

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Webinar: As a Leader or Manager, is your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) ‘fit for purpose’?

A recording of November/December’s 2019’s Webinar: As a Leader or Manager, is your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) ‘fit for purpose’?

During this webinar, we will take you through the personal qualities of a true leader and how horses can play their part in reflecting your levels of integrity and congruency.

Leadership is, more than ever, becoming the defining element in our society – especially in business. True leadership, at all levels, is the key to optimising your business’ biggest asset – your people. The framework of this webinar mirrors the model of our DMi/H4C courses and gives you an insight to the value we get from our horses and the Equine Assisted Activities.


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