Here, Dave Manning outlines the ethos behind certain elements of  his Leadership Development & Change Management in short (less than 90 second) videos.

04: Burning Platform

07: The Why Delivers Change

16: Data Management

These videos were produced in conjunction with Horses4Change (H4C) to underpin the Leadership Development course that DMi & H4C deliver together as it includes Equine Assisted Learning elements through the 2 1/2 day course.

04: Sweet Spot

DMi Webinars

Webinar: As a Leader or Manager, is your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) ‘fit for purpose’?

A recording of November/December’s 2019’s Webinar: As a Leader or Manager, is your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) ‘fit for purpose’?

During this webinar, we will take you through the personal qualities of a true leader and how horses can play their part in reflecting your levels of integrity and congruency.

Leadership is, more than ever, becoming the defining element in our society – especially in business. True leadership, at all levels, is the key to optimising your business’ biggest asset – your people. The framework of this webinar mirrors the model of our DMi/H4C courses and gives you an insight to the value we get from our horses and the Equine Assisted Activities.

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Webinar: People & Behaviour - IBP Implementation (October 2019)

A recording of October 2019’s Webinar: People and behaviour are the key to extracting value from Integrated Business Planning

“The IBP process has evolved since its inception back in the early 80s when it was referred to as S&OP. The latest thinking includes Strategic Execution, Scenario Planning and People Development. However what has always been true is that the key to extracting the value of IBP is to embrace IBP as the primary business management process that focuses on gap(+/-) closing decisions. Senior peoples’ understanding and commitment to the IBP process and a set of KPIs that drive the desired behaviour along with critical success factors – CSF’s that integrate IBP with Strategic Execution are the keys to IBP value.”

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Webinar: ERP Implementation Resurgence (August 2019)

A recording of August 2019’s Webinar: ERP Implementation Resurgence presented by Dave Manning.

“ERP implementations are having a resurgence. Maybe, because the last big surge was the millennium and most of those legacy systems are now not supported and certainly not equipped with advanced technologies and functionality. However, have we learnt from the mistakes of the 80’s a d 90’s when systems were seen as the solution and we did not effectively address the process, data and behaviour (change management) issues leading to countless systems implementations that failed to deliver the potential and even promised benefits.”

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Webinar: Implementing IBP in a Large Global Organisation (June 2019)

A recording of June 2019’s Webinar: Implementing IBP in a Large Global Organisation presented by Steve Parr, Senior DMi Associate.

“Large global organisations need to adapt their implementation approach to reflect the complexities of multiple business entities with distant relationships and leadership, along with time zone, language and cultural challenges.”

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Webinar: Design your Supply Chain for the Future (June 2019)

A recording of June 2019’s Webinar: Design your Supply Chain for the Future.

Some of the audio drops away in places – sorry! This was a problem with GoToWebinar who hosted the webinar for us but we don’t think it detracts away from the information and messages.

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